Results for Hampton Participants

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While we make every effort to ensure that the results that we will show below are as correct as they can be, if you do see any obvious errors when they are posted here, please let us know.


The winners of each age category for the above race were as follows:

* indicates a course record for this age category
** indicates a winner for the second year running

If you are a winner of either the Male Open or the Female Open titles, you will not also be listed as the winner for your age category - the next fastest runner in that category will be listed instead.

The ladies course record for a Hampton Sports Club participant (63 minutes and 56 seconds) was set by Susan Lawrence in 2008.
The mens course record for a Hampton participant (63 minutes and 32 seconds) was set by Daniel Eccleston in 2010.

The full list of Hampton Sports Club runners who completed the course in the above year is shown below together with their course time (in minutes:seconds) and their age category to the right of their name. The list is presented in fastest-first order.

Notes for Hampton Results

Runners can only be included in this list if they:

  1. were a member (sporting or social) of Hampton-In-Arden Sports Club at the time of the race, or
  2. were employed by Hampton-In-Arden Sports Club at the time of the race.
Runners who are also residents of Hampton-In-Arden but who do not fall into one or both of the above two categories will not have their names and times recorded in the table on this page. Their results will be part of the main results section

Thanks to everyone who took part in this race. Well done - see you again next time!