The K&D Arden 9-Mile Road Race has been running once a year since 2004 .... and we have a lot of results on the site to prove it! From 2008, we have introduced more flexibility into displaying current and historical results from the Arden 9. This has coincided with a reorganisation of the way in which we use and display age category result information.

Here you can display the full result information from any of the Arden 9 races, choosing to filter by year and/or age category if desired.

Here you can display information about past winners of the Arden 9 without having to open up each individual race.

Here you can track how a person has performed in the Arden 9 race over the years.

Here you can see how people from a given team/club performed in the Arden 9 race over the years.

Age categories

The age categorisation of runners has changed over the life of the race. For an explanation of current and historic age categories used on the race, click on the Explain button.

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